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Voters unhappy with economy, Biden’s leadership

The majority of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction, and they doubt President Joe Biden’s ability to change that, according to a new poll.

The Wall Street Journal released survey data showing that 61% of Americans believe the economy is headed in the wrong direction with rising inflation a key cause of concern.

Inflation has increased quickly in the past year, with the consumer price index rising at the fastest rate in decades.

Voters also said they prefer generic Congressional Republican candidates to Democrats, 44% to 41%, if the election were held today. A steady stream of data in this direction has emboldened Republicans going into the 2022 midterm election and may have helped fuel a string of retirements among Congressional Democrats.

“Voters are going to punish Democrats for supporting Joe Biden’s agenda of higher prices, rising crime, and open borders,” National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Mike Berg said in response to the WSJ poll. “That is why so many smart Democrats have made the decision to call it quits.”

Notably, only 30% of independent voters approve of Biden’s job performance. Overall, the survey puts Biden’s approval rating at 41% and his disapproval at 57%.

Polls in recent weeks have shown Biden’s approval rating hitting a low point since he took office.

This comes on the heels of an I&I/TIPP poll released Monday that found even a majority of Democrats do not want Biden to run again for office.

The poll asked, “Who do you want to see run for president on the Democratic ticket in 2024?”

In response, 22% of Americans surveyed said Biden and 12% said Vice President Kamala Harris. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg came in third among Democrats at 3% with the rest split among various candidates.

“Even Democrats seem less than enthused about Biden holding the top spot,” the poll said. “Just 37% want him there. And only 16% give Harris the nod as presidential standard-bearer, alarming given that Vice President Harris is next in line to be president should Biden not complete his term in office.”

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