How are we doing on early childhood education and care? Good, but there’s more to do

Overall, we’ve seen huge improvements, particularly for children aged three to five years. The priority now is a universal approach to quality education and care for our youngest children. A short history... Read more »

Parents choosing new forms of education in uncertain school year

(The Center Square) – Some parents are pursuing new forms of education after frustration that districts aren’t offering their preferred teaching methods. A June survey of the Midwest found that one-third of parents were... Read more »

Two Brooklyn Schools Set to ‘Merge’ for Integration, Space

A citywide educational panel on Wednesday night unanimously approveda proposal to move the Academy of Arts & Letters, a disproportionately white school in Fort Greene, into PS 305, a majority-black elementary school... Read more »

The future of the West Side rests in small hands

On a recent Monday afternoon, four young children sit in the front a West Side church sanctuary and tie black pieces of cloth over their eyes. Four other children help them to... Read more »

Will Wheatley be a missed opportunity for SAISD?

The notion that poor children need extra support at school in the form of social services is becoming less novel. In 2014, the community surrounding Wheatley Middle School gathered to discuss how... Read more »

With ever-changing education plans, more parents are withdrawing students from public schools for other options

(The Center Square) – Growing unrest by parents over continuously changing policies by school boards, superintendents, judges and other local leaders, coupled with the statewide mask requirement, has led many to pull... Read more »

How NYC Parents are Working to Keep Their Kids Socializing

Aaron and Jack, a pair of graphic novel-loving 8-year-olds who attend different Brooklyn elementary schools, have become fast friends in the past two weeks. After New York City’s public schools shut down because of... Read more »

Racist Facebook Post Allegedly Tied to Staten Island Assistant Principal

A Staten Island assistant principal has been reported to the Department of Education for investigation of a Facebook post citing racist memes and the “privilege” of people on public assistance. “Privilege is... Read more »

Success Academy Official Quits Over ‘Racist and Abusive’ Practices at NYC Charter School Network

A spokesperson for New York City’s largest charter network resigned in protest, stating she can no longer defend Success Academy’s “racist and abusive practices” that are “detrimental to the emotional well being”... Read more »

NYC Schools Can Hold Classes Outside This Fall, And Chancellor Suggests Well-Funded PTAs Could Help Pay for It

With just over two weeks before school buildings are set to reopen, New York City is encouraging principals to find outdoor learning space in nearby parks and streets, an idea that Mayor... Read more »