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Federal land managers add compliance inspections to wild horse adoption program

The federal agency tasked with managing wild horses and burros across the American West will now require compliance inspections as part of its animal adoption program. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s... Read more »

Philadelphia elementary adjusts to a new normal in its second COVID winter

Nearly two years into the pandemic, COVID often blends into the background at Cayuga Elementary School in North Philadelphia. In Ruth Llorens’ kindergarten classroom, 20 kids chatter about pets and birthdays, read... Read more »

DeSantis signs bill blocking families, patients from being able to sue health-care providers over covid-related injuries, deaths, issues new Florida COVID-related guidance

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill this week that at least 35 organizations asked him to veto. Now health-care providers have liability protection from being sued by patients and family members over... Read more »

County officials pen letter opposing collective bargaining mandates for local government employees

More than 100 county commissioners in Colorado signed a letter opposing any legislative efforts “mandating” collective bargaining for local government employees. The letter, signed by commissioners representing 38 counties across the state,... Read more »

Philadelphia pushes kindergarten registration for the coming school year

Luke Julien and Gael Carmona-Meneses know exactly what kindergarten is for. “Literacy, reading, even science, stuff like that,” Luke said. “I know a lot about it.” Gael added another cool activity: “I... Read more »

Committee kills bill that would have established feasibility study on nuclear energy

A legislative committee killed a Republican-backed bill on Thursday that sought to establish a feasibility study on nuclear energy operations in Colorado. Senate Bill 22-073 would have required the Office of Economic Development... Read more »

Denver’s school closure criteria committee now seeking applicants

In anticipation of a 6% enrollment decrease over the next five years, the Denver school district is moving forward with a process to close or consolidate small schools. Superintendent Alex Marrero announced... Read more »

Climate change is warping our fresh water cycle – and much faster than we thought

Fresh water cycles from ocean to air to clouds to rivers and back to the oceans. This constant shuttling can give us the illusion of certainty. Fresh water will always come from... Read more »

California lawmakers could make schools create COVID-19 testing programs

California school districts and childcare centers could be required to develop a COVID-19 testing plan under a new proposal introduced this week. Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, unveiled new legislation on Tuesday that would require... Read more »

Denver mayor teaches classes to call attention to substitute shortage

Wearing a checked dress shirt in South High’s colors of purple and white, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock gave the juniors and seniors in Friday’s fourth-period Advanced Placement Government class a one-question pop... Read more »