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Texas gets drive-thru coronavirus testing in San Antonio, but it’s not open to the general public

Texas gets drive-thru coronavirus testing in San Antonio, but it’s not open to the general public The drive-thru testing is not open to the general public, city officials said in a press... Read more »

Early therapy may seed lasting gains in children with autism

Children with autism who receive two years of intensive therapy as toddlers appear to maintain their social and behavioral gains two years later, suggests a study in the July issue of the Journal... Read more »

Medicine’s dirty secret

Bryn Nelson gets to the bottom of an emerging – and often shocking – therapy. This is how far a mother will go. Your daughter has been sick for more than four... Read more »

Coronavirus tool kit may aid families with autistic children during lockdown

On 17 March, France went on lockdown to slow the spread of the coronavirus, joining many other countries in Europe. French authorities ordered residents to stay at home and closed schools, as... Read more »

Iceland knows how to stop teen substance abuse but the rest of the world isn’t listening

In Iceland, teenage smoking, drinking and drug use have been radically cut in the past 20 years. Emma Young finds out how they did it, and why other countries won’t follow suit.... Read more »

Early interventions, explained

In 1987, psychologist Ole Ivar Lovaas reported that he had created a therapy that would make the behavior of some autistic children indistinguishable from that of typical children by 7 years of... Read more »

Fighting COVID And Police Brutality, Medical Teams Take To Streets To Treat Protesters

DENVER — Amid clouds of choking tear gas, booming flash-bang grenades and other other “riot control agents,” volunteer medics plunged into street protests over the past weeks to help the injured —... Read more »

She’s a Texas nurse who treats cancer patients — and she can’t get a coronavirus test. That’s not unusual.

Coronavirus in Texas As the coronavirus spreads across the state, The Texas Tribune is covering the most important health, economic and breaking developments that affect Texans, every day. Watch our Texas unemployment tracker,... Read more »

Buyout for former APS superintendent approved

Albuquerque Public Schools is now officially done with former superintendent Luis Valentino after a judge and the Public Education Department approved his buyout. The buyout, which was approved last week, means APS paid... Read more »

Latest test of promising autism therapy shows only mild benefits

A much-touted behavioral therapy for autism, the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), may not be as effective as its creators had hoped1. In the latest study of the therapy, it did not... Read more »