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Many on Twitter mock Inslee’s Thanksgiving advice

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee was roasted like a turkey by many Twitter users for his holiday tips about how to deal with family and friends for seasonal festivities.

With the COVID-19 pandemic in mind, Inslee (@GovInslee) tweeted several tips for safe holiday gatherings, including checking the vaccination status of guests, getting tested, limiting close contact, and wearing masks in the presence of unvaccinated guests.

Inslee’s advice sent out Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, generated an avalanche of mockery.

Mariya Frost (@MariyaFrost) director of the Coles Center for Transportation at the Washington Policy Center, responded by tweeting, “How about we not normalize asking personal medical questions that are no one’s business but your own.”

Hazel (@HazelBazel13) went with sarcasm.

“How would I ever manage Thanskgiving without you?” she tweeted in replying to Inslee. “You’re the best!”

That sentence ended with the kissing emoji.

Riot_Rated (@RiotRated) referenced a recent Fox News story about COVID-19 infected deer in replying to Inslee, asking, “Why aren’t you cracking down on these lawless deer? Mass gatherings and I haven’t seen a single deer wearing a mask!!”

While the vast majority of the responses on Twitter appeared to ridicule Inslee’s turkey day guidance, there were a few shows of support.

The Washington Health Alliance (@WAHealthCheckup) retweeted the governor’s recommendations for a safe holiday gathering.

“Thanks Gov, I am thankful for the hard decisions you have had to make,” bianca cartagena (@bgoesnorth) tweeted in replying to Inslee. “The state is safer because of it. Happy Thanksgiving!”

The governor’s take on Thanksgiving this year represents a loosening up over last year’s Thanksgiving. That time, two weeks before the holiday, Inslee, in a televised address with his wife Trudi by his side, implored Washingtonians to change their November and December holiday plans as the number of COVID-19 cases spiked.

“We are optimistic that Thanksgiving 2021 will be the best ever,” Inslee said at the time, “but this year, it’s just too dangerous to gather together indoors where the virus can spread so easily.”

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