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Hogan announces offshore wind partnership for Maryland

A new $72 million partnership will bolster Maryland’s clean energy efforts for years to come, the governor announced.

Speaking from Federalsburg, Gov, Larry Hogan introduced a business partnership between Orsted, a global leader in green energy, and Crystal Steel Fabrication Inc., a minority-owned business on the Eastern Shore, which will bolster future offshore wind projects while also bolstering the economy.

The partnership will increase Crystal Steel’s workforce by one-third of its current workforce as the company will fabricate components used in Orsted’s offshore wind turbines, the governor said.

Orsted, Hogan said, is a cutting edge company who “wants to create a world that runs on green energy.”

“This latest $72 million partnership will allow Crystal Steel to have the capability to construct the components fundamental to Orsted’s turbine foundations to supply over 1.3 million homes with affordable energy,” Hogan said. “Offshore wind presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Maryland to grow, diversify its economy and energy portfolio. The job creation potential and associated economic benefits is an absolute game-changer.”

Crystal Steel will make components in its plant for Maryland and New Jersey offshore wind projects, the governor said, while he also said he hoped the plant supplies components for the entire East Coast.

Hogan touted Maryland’s economic growth, as the state has had 17 straight months of job growth in the private sector, and the state has “for the first time in a quarter century a long-term balanced budget due to economic growth.”

Hogan said Maryland has the fourth fastest economic growth in the country.

“The focus of our administration has been being open for business and trying to create more jobs and more opportunities for Marylanders,” Hogan said.

Hogan said the partnership fits with the philosophy of “leaving the state in better shape for future generations” through job creation.

Hogan said his goals are adding more jobs, making Maryland more affordable and investing in the state’s energy future. “We are embracing the latest technology and innovation,” Hogan said.

Orsted announced on Oct. 6 it will build Maryland’s first emissions-free offshore wind operation and maintenance facility in Ocean City, according to the a news release on the company’s website.

The $20 million facility, according to the release, will service the company’s Skipjack Wind program and create up to 110 temporary and full-time jobs.

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