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Denver ranked as fifth best city for crypto hiring

Denver is the fifth best city to land a job in the cryptocurrency industry, according to a report by LinkedIn. 

The report looked at hiring trends in the U.S. cryptocurrency market over the last five years and compared the industry’s hiring rates to the broader financial industry. It shows that the crypto industry has seen a significantly higher hiring rate and is more inclusive and diverse. 

“Crypto is a chance to do things differently – that’s the whole point, right?” Kevin Logan, a crypto industry recruiter, said in a statement. “From the start, we should be building processes that take out bias and remove blockers to diversity.”

According to the report, Denver accounted for 2.6% of all crypto hires in 2021, but still ranked in the top-five cities for crypto talent. The only cities that surpassed Denver were Miami, Fla., New York City, N.Y., Austin, Texas, and San Francisco, Calif. 

Local leaders have voiced support for continuing to grow the crypto industry in Colorado. State lawmakers passed a bill in 2019 that exempted cryptocurrencies from state securities laws. 

Gov. Jared Polis has also voiced support for Coloradans paying thei r taxes with cryptocurrency holdings. He told CNBC in February that the state would immediately convert the crypto to fiat currency, which would cut down on the state’s exposure to the asset’s inherent volatility. 

“I think we can benefit from it, not only in terms of payments, reducing transaction costs, and reducing friction, but also in terms of creating new asset classes to satisfy reserve requirements, keep accounts, and protect people’s privacy,” Polis said.

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