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Climate change, mental health services, a better education system: what marginalised young people told us needs to be fixed

In youth policy and service delivery the idea of youth voice and participation is an uncontested “good thing”. But which youth voices? Who is heard and who is left out? Our recent research in Melbourne’s... Read more »

New Englanders support more offshore wind power – just don’t send it to New York

In Rhode Island, home to the first offshore wind farm in the U.S., most people support expanding offshore wind power – with one important caveat. Our research shows they’re less likely to support a wind... Read more »

Climate change will transform how we live, but these tech and policy experts see reason for optimism

It’s easy to feel pessimistic when scientists around the world are warning that climate change has advanced so far, it’s now inevitable that societies will either transform themselves or be transformed. But as two... Read more »

Linking protected areas from Yellowstone to the Yukon shows the value of conserving large landscapes, not just isolated parks and preserves

As human development spreads ever farther around the world, very few large ecosystems remain relatively intact and uninterrupted by highways, cities or other human-constructed obstacles. One of the largest exceptions is the Yellowstone... Read more »

Advocacy groups back Massachusetts climate change bills

Calls to adopt swift, sweeping legislation to advance a 2050 net-zero emissions target have been sounded in both chambers of the Massachusetts Legislature, and advocates from a number of organizations have backed... Read more »

Why freezing the Arctic Council is bad news for global security

For the past quarter-century, the Arctic has been a unique zone of cooperation among the eight countries of the high north: Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Russia and the United States. Even when... Read more »

How climate change stresses plants and alters their growth

Plants that inhabit the Earth have the incredible ability to grow continually for hundreds of years, and always towards the light of the sun, which provides them with the necessary energy to... Read more »

Redwood trees have two types of leaves, scientists find – a trait that could help them survive in a changing climate

Coast redwoods are amazing trees that scientists have studied for generations. We know they are the tallest living trees and have survived for millennia, resisting fire and pests. Because redwoods are long-lived, large and decay-resistant, the forests... Read more »

Electrifying homes to slow climate change; 4 essential reads

The latest reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change show that to avoid massive losses and damage from global warming, nations must act quickly to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The good news... Read more »

Study finds Native American communities face greater air pollution burdens

A study from the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health found that, while air pollution has been decreasing nationally, Native American communities are less likely to see those reductions. The study... Read more »