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Rogue immune system reactions hint at an early treatment for COVID-19

Giving drugs called interferons early in the disease may help prevent later immune overreactions In severe cases of COVID-19, a person’s immune system throws everything it has at the coronavirus, but some... Read more »

How some Mississippi teens are saving their town from climate change

The Hechinger Report is a national nonprofit newsroom that reports on one topic: education. Sign up for our weekly newsletters to get stories like this delivered directly to your inbox. This story was produced... Read more »

Book Review: The Surprising Science of Walking

The earliest fossilized footprints of a human being were found at a saltwater lagoon in South Africa. They came from a woman some 117,000 years ago, proof that walking is something that... Read more »

Keeping the river and its ecosystems ‘alive enough’ during dry spells

Actor and author Will Rogers once famously described the Rio Grande in the 1930s as “the only river I saw that needed irrigation.” “That’s kind of what we’re doing,” said Mike Hamman,... Read more »

Texas Sues EPA Over Provision of Federal Water Law

For the 20th time since the Obama administration took office in 2009, the federal Environmental Protection Agency is facing a lawsuit from Texas.Joined by Louisiana and Mississippi, Texas is challenging the “Waters of the U.S.”... Read more »