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Why the latest fight about charter rules matters — for schools and education politics

“I am not a charter school fan,” Joe Biden said when he was running for president. Right now, charter school advocates aren’t fans of President Biden either. The Biden administration has proposed new rules for a... Read more »

Enrollment losses in cities prompt talk of school closures

Denver’s Hallett Academy has not escaped the enrollment declines facing schools across the U.S. The already-small school has lost nearly 10% of its enrollment since 2019, and is down to 262 students.... Read more »

Longer school days and years remain rare as schools fight learning loss with optional time

When students returned to Ermel Elementary School this school year, the calendar looked a lot different. The high-poverty Houston school added 30 school days, creating a 210-day school year that began in... Read more »

Biden hoped to reshape school funding. A new budget deal shows that’s not likely anytime soon.

While campaigning for president, Joe Biden vowed to triple funding for Title I. Last year, Biden aimed to get much of the way there by proposing to more than double the program,... Read more »

Biden’s new vaccine-or-test rule will apply to some school districts, too

Large swaths of the country’s public school employees could be required to get vaccinated against COVID or regularly tested under rules being rolled out by the Biden administration. Due to the way... Read more »