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Colorado lawmakers announce legislation increasing penalties for fentanyl offenses

Colorado lawmakers unveiled plans at the state Capitol on Thursday for legislation to increase penalties for fentanyl-related offenses.  Lawmakers said the bill, which will be introduced this week, is part of a larger legislative package... Read more »

Denver board votes to limit school autonomy, bolster teacher job protections

In a split vote, the Denver school board approved a controversial proposal late Thursday that will limit some schools’ autonomy in an effort to shore up teacher job protections. The contentious 5-2... Read more »

Longer school days and years remain rare as schools fight learning loss with optional time

When students returned to Ermel Elementary School this school year, the calendar looked a lot different. The high-poverty Houston school added 30 school days, creating a 210-day school year that began in... Read more »

Louisiana bills look to reform insurance industry to help homeowners

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards met with state and local lawmakers, home and business owners and others in New Orleans and Larose on Thursday to promote insurance reforms to improve services after... Read more »

Ranchers worry ‘rewilding’ efforts for predatory animals are moving too fast

Ranchers and livestock industry officials worry that “rewilding” efforts for predatory species across the Mountain West are moving too fast and will negatively impact rural communities. In Colorado, voters approved a ballot measure to... Read more »

Tornadoes, climate change and why Dixie is the new Tornado Alley

Tornadoes tore up homes in New Orleans and its suburbs and were reported in communities from Texas to Mississippi and Alabama as severe storms swept across the South in late March 2022. We asked tornado scientist Ernest Agee to explain what causes tornadoes and... Read more »

7 ways to reduce perineal tearing during childbirth

While most expectant mothers are excited, many are also anxious about giving birth, especially first-time mothers. Perineal trauma is something many expectant mums are fearful about. It is hard to comprehend being able to... Read more »

Aurora school board rejects closure of two elementary schools

Aurora board members Tuesday rejected a recommendation to close two elementary schools as part of the district’s ongoing plans to reduce the number of schools it operates in areas with declining enrollment.... Read more »

Cloud seeding might not be as promising as drought-troubled states hope

Forecasters at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued their U.S. spring outlook on March 17, 2022, and their top concern was worsening drought in the West and southern Plains. Several western states have experimented with... Read more »

What is the new COVID-19 variant BA.2, and will it cause another wave of infections in the US?

A new omicron subvariant of the virus that causes COVID-19, BA.2, is quickly becoming the predominant source of infections amid rising cases around the world. Immunologists Prakash Nagarkatti and Mitzi Nagarkatti of... Read more »