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Denver special education evaluations plummet during pandemic

Maria Barraza’s 8-year-old son spent half of first grade and all of second grade online because of the pandemic. When he started third grade this fall, Barraza was concerned. Her son’s writing... Read more »

Griswold outlines her office’s legislative priorities

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold released her legislative priorities for the 2022 session on Tuesday. Griswold said her office is focused on providing small businesses with tax relief, making government more... Read more »

Denver proposal would grant innovation school teachers union job protections

Teachers at Denver’s semi-autonomous innovation schools would gain union job protections under a proposal being considered by the Denver school board — including a 40-hour work week, a grievance procedure, and a... Read more »

Mountain glaciers may hold less ice than previously thought – here’s what that means for 2 billion downstream water users and sea level rise

Mountain glaciers are essential water sources for nearly a quarter of the global population. But figuring out just how much ice they hold – and how much water will be available as... Read more »

Record-breaking rapid DNA sequencing promises timely diagnosis for thousands of rare disease cases

For children suffering from rare diseases, it usually takes years to receive a diagnosis. This “diagnostic odyssey” is filled with multiple referrals and a barrage of tests, seeking to uncover the root cause... Read more »

Denver district will cut jobs in its central office, superintendent says

As enrollment declines in Denver Public Schools, the superintendent said he will shrink the size of the central office, freezing some vacant positions and reducing the number of executive-level positions. Many senior... Read more »

Hochul’s $27M Ida-Relief Fund for Immigrants Has Doled Out Less Than $1M

Nearly five months after Hurricane Ida, just under a million dollars have been paid to New Yorkers from the city and state’s storm relief fund for undocumented immigrants and others ineligible for... Read more »

A deadly bacteria has been infecting children for more than 1,400 years

The tragic death of a 6-year-old boy in early medieval England has given scientists the earliest direct clue to the history of the pathogen Haemophilus influenzae type b. Dated to about 550, it’s the oldest... Read more »

Questions persist about racially sensitive ‘restorative’ school discipline

The fight outside North High School in Denver was about to turn more violent as one girl wrapped a bike chain around her fist to strike the other. Just before the attacker... Read more »

Penn to invest $4 million in West Philly’s Lea Elementary, says it will work with community

The University of Pennsylvania will provide more than $4 million to a West Philadelphia elementary school in a deal with the school district and teachers union that is attracting both excitement and... Read more »