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Analysis: A surprise accountability test for local politicians

In a normal year, local officials seeking reelection would have been on the ballot a month ago. Local elections were supposed to be held May 2 in Texas but were postponed because of... Read more »

Analysis: Politics and a pandemic jumble Texas elections

Current law says Texans can vote by mail if they’re going to be out of their home counties during early voting and on election day, if they’re in jail but eligible to... Read more »

Analysis: A changing political climate in Fort Bend County and a politically fatal blunder

Rick Miller is hardly the first Texas legislator to make a racist remark. The news here is that he was roundly and quickly abandoned by elected Republican leaders who usually disappear into their... Read more »

Analysis: Beware of Texas politicians bearing home-brewed arithmetic

If you look at his campaign missives, it’s clear that the state’s lieutenant governor — or maybe it’s his staff — can’t reconcile his math with his politics. Dan Patrick complains that spending... Read more »