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How NYC Parents are Working to Keep Their Kids Socializing

Aaron and Jack, a pair of graphic novel-loving 8-year-olds who attend different Brooklyn elementary schools, have become fast friends in the past two weeks. After New York City’s public schools shut down because of... Read more »

Success Academy Official Quits Over ‘Racist and Abusive’ Practices at NYC Charter School Network

A spokesperson for New York City’s largest charter network resigned in protest, stating she can no longer defend Success Academy’s “racist and abusive practices” that are “detrimental to the emotional well being”... Read more »

NYC Schools Can Hold Classes Outside This Fall, And Chancellor Suggests Well-Funded PTAs Could Help Pay for It

With just over two weeks before school buildings are set to reopen, New York City is encouraging principals to find outdoor learning space in nearby parks and streets, an idea that Mayor... Read more »

NYC high school offers are coming this week with a big change: waitlists. Here’s what you should know.

Amid the incredible uncertainty the coronavirus outbreak has created for the nation’s largest school system, as more than 1 million students out of school for at least four weeks, one aspect of the... Read more »

Cuomo doubles down on shifting money to needy schools, in a speech light on new education ideas

Governor Andrew Cuomo renewed his call to “close funding gaps between rich and poor schools” during his State of the State speech on Wednesday — once again singling out funding disparities as... Read more »