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Linking protected areas from Yellowstone to the Yukon shows the value of conserving large landscapes, not just isolated parks and preserves

As human development spreads ever farther around the world, very few large ecosystems remain relatively intact and uninterrupted by highways, cities or other human-constructed obstacles. One of the largest exceptions is the Yellowstone... Read more »

Missouri nursing school gets CDC grant to fight vaccine hesitancy

The University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing will receive part of a $1 million grant from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and the Centers for Disease Control and... Read more »

This Denver teacher believes in classrooms that are ‘open to the world’

Teacher Reina Cruz thought she was going to an assembly to celebrate winter and spring sports when she arrived in the packed gym at Denver’s Northfield High School one day in March.... Read more »

Children across Canada deserve a professional early childhood education workforce

A report released April 13 by University of Toronto researchers highlights what many in the early learning and child-care sector have long known: Canada’s early childhood educators (ECEs) are undervalued, underpaid and under-resourced. Unless governments get serious... Read more »

Oversight committee raises questions about Biden donors, government contracts

House oversight Republicans have launched an inquiry into whether President Joe Biden rewarded political donors with contracts and government positions, the latest allegation of misconduct against the administration as it fends off... Read more »

A Denver scholarship foundation wanted to know how to help Hispanic men get to college. Here’s what it found

What barriers do Hispanic men face getting to and graduating from college? That’s the question Denver Scholarship Foundation leaders asked Hispanic men about their challenges. They variously listed a lack of funds,... Read more »

Ohio’s universal pre-K proposal receives mixed reviews

A group of Ohio economists believes a statewide universal pre-kindergarten program would boost the state’s economy and be important as a workforce development aide, according to a recent survey. Scioto Analysis, an economic... Read more »

Biden celebrates infrastructure spending on Pacific Northwest tour

President Joe Biden spoke at the Portland International Airport (PDX) Thursday about infrastructure, jobs and inflation. He spoke surrounded by Oregon officials, including Oregon Governor Kate Brown. Biden emphasized the importance of... Read more »

Weld, El Paso County commissioners object to collective bargaining proposal

Commissioners in Weld and El Paso counties are opposing legislation set to be introduced in the General Assembly that would give collective bargaining rights to some public workers. The proposed legislation by Democratic... Read more »

Advocacy groups back Massachusetts climate change bills

Calls to adopt swift, sweeping legislation to advance a 2050 net-zero emissions target have been sounded in both chambers of the Massachusetts Legislature, and advocates from a number of organizations have backed... Read more »